Snowcone Party


This past week I had so much fun celebrating the United States of America and our community of Farmers Branch at Advance Dental!! I have absolutely loved our patriotic bunting, giving away red white and blue candy, cupcakes, balloons and celebrating freedom this past month!! My absolute favorite and the pinnacle of our celebration was our 3rd of July Snow Cone Popcorn & Fun Party!!!

A HUGE thank you to all the patients, families, and friends who stopped by to celebrate with us! This was our first event as an office and I was blown away by all of the love, support and fun!!

In dreaming about what God had for my career in dentistry, He placed on my heart a vision for providing quality, considerate, honest care to the Farmers Branch community.

I dreamed of an office where patients and their teeth are known well, appointments are not rushed and oral health is explained, restored and smiles revived!

God quietly wove my love for teeth with my love for people, & further more placed me with an AMAZING TEAM gifted in hospitality! With these threads in place our Snow Cone Party came to life last week and it is with happy tears in my eyes to reflect and thank all involved!!

I want to express not only my gratitude for everyone that came but also further highlight Matthew 6 Ministries who provided our shaved ice. This amazing ministry exists to give back to the hungry and homeless children in our cities. Through partnering with them, not only was the office able to provide shaved ice to patients, friends, community but proceeds reached people in the community. Here’s an excerpt from Matthew6 Ministries website to further show their heart and mission.

In America, for every thirty children, one has been homeless at some point in the last year. That adds up to about 2.5 million homeless children in the States alone. Another 15.3 million children have been reported to live in households where they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life.

Because of statistics like these, and guided by the teachings from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) on how to live, pray, and give abundantly, Paul and Jackie Dietzler founded Matthew 6 Ministries. All M6M proceeds will be donated to like-minded non-profit organizations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Matthew 6 Ministries has recently launched its brand new Shaved Ice Trailer, in which all proceeds from the trailer will go to local children in need. The long-term vision of M6M is to open a series of non-profit restaurants with the same local mission.

Matthew6 Ministries is living out the call that Jesus places on those who believe in Him: to serve, first in our hometowns, then to our neighboring cities, then further and further until ALL have heard of the name of Jesus. This call is mighty but all we have to do is start. To start in our hometowns- in our office parking lots, our neighborhoods, to dream just a little bit about how we can reach people, and step out in FAITH. I am grateful for Matthew6 Ministries for reminding us and being an example of that call and that love to our community!!

Another final thank you to my amazing team for gathering a professional popcorn machine, cupcakes, balloons, decorations and raffle. I am so proud of the hard work my team poured into our party and the love they showed the community!! Stay tuned for the next fun events we get involved with in Farmers Branch & events we host at Advance Dental!!!

Lauren Lewellen DDS

If you want to donate to Matthew 6 Ministries or inquire about their shaved ice truck!


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