Invisalign​®​ is a clear aligning therapy that helps straighten crowding, close spaces, and align your bite without the aesthetics and constrictions of traditional braces. Call our office for a complimentary Invisalign consultation to see if Invisalign is a fit for you!

What is the process?

Invisalign​®​ starts with a consultation at Advance Dental. We evaluate your expectations, goals and current tooth position. Pictures and impressions are then taken and a customized tooth movement plan is created for you. After the plan is ready Dr Lauren Lewellen reviews each plan with her patients to ensure they are happy with the predicted end result and then the custom aligners are fabricated. Once fabricated you will wear the aligners for 20-22 hours a day. You will change your aligners every one- two weeks to gently change the position of your teeth and transform your smile. Appointments to check progress will be necessary every 6-8 weeks to ensure healthy and correct movements.

How long will treatment take?

Each case is different but generally cases last 6-18 months depending on level of crowding and spacing of teeth and also how often you wear your aligners.