Insurance Claims & Co-Payments

Insurance Information

Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance does not usually cover 100% of the charges incurred. We do not have a contract with each insurance company, only the patient does. We can only assist in estimating the portion of the cost due for the services we provide. We, at no time, guarantee what insurance will or will not do with each claim.

As a courtesy to our patients, we will complete and file all insurance forms relative to dental services rendered except for HMO/DMO or Medicaid policies. Please note that you need to provide us with the most current insurance information for each family member before forms can be submitted.

Variables in insurance coverage

Many of our patients have dental insurance. Dental benefits can vary widely from company to company and from policy to policy within the same company. While some policies provide full coverage of the treatment we provide, other policies provide very little. Some policies provide full or almost full coverage for some treatment, and very little or no coverage for other treatment on the same patient.

Please remember that your policy is with your employer and your insurance company. Our office has no control over your benefits. We will however make every effort to get the maximum coverage your individual policy allows for service. We will also work with you to tailor a treatment option that both fits your time and finances. But in the end our recommended treatment will always be based on our professional expertise, and never on insurance coverage.

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